Sunday, December 29, 2013

Google App Engine Project using Maven

Since folks from google have created the archetypes for Google App Engine Web projects it is takes seconds to actually create a sample web application and deploy it!
In the post I am going to show you how to do just that, read on..
#Create a maven project using app engine archetype 
mvn archetype:generate

#Select an archetype of choice 
#At the time of writing this blog post, following are the options available
Choose archetype:
1: remote -> (-)
2: remote -> (-)
3: remote -> (-)
4: remote -> (-)

Note: Run the following maven commands inside the project directory where the .pom exists
#Verify the demo application
mvn verify

#Start the app engine devserver on your machine 
mvn appengine:devserver

#Test the demo application locally

#Update the 'appengine-web.xml' with the following details

####### Deploy the application on app engine 
mvn appengine:update

#The END!
Now you will be able to use the app url and access the application default being